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CILEx Graduate Fast Track Diploma

  • Do you have a Law or Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)?
  • Do you want to qualify as a lawyer?
  • Do you not wish to undertake a costly Legal Practice Course (LPC) or Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)?
  • The CILEx Graduate Fast Track Diploma has been designed with you in mind.
    With the CILEx route, you don’t have to secure a training contract or pupillage. Instead of qualifying as a solicitor or barrister, graduates qualify and practise as Chartered Legal Executive lawyers.

    Increasingly on a level playing field with solicitors, Chartered Legal Executive lawyers can now become judges, coroners, advocates and partners in law firms.

    LTC learners say

    "You are getting a tutor who puts you first,
    and who is willing to spend as much time as
    you need to help you understand the material
    – what more could you ask for?"

    CILEx Graduate Fast-Track learner

    "As well as comprehensive weekly tutorials,
    there were thorough revision sessions, giving
    the essential preparation needed to excel in exams."

    CILEx Graduate Fast-Track learner

    "For me, the highlight of studying with the LTC
    is its service – you get the teaching support
    you need, at every stage of the course."

    CILEx Graduate Fast-Track learner

    "As a recent LLB graduate,
    it ticked all the boxes."

    CILEx Graduate Fast-Track learner

    "The invaluable help I have received has
    been reflected in my exam results which
    have been consistently positive."

    CILEx Level 6 learner

    "Choosing LTC was one of the
    best decisions I've ever made!"

    CILEx Graduate Fast-Track learner

    Unparalleled support and study resources

    Our course fees include:

    The longest access period than any other provider

    18-month access to all e-learning materials and tutor support.

    The most extensive bank of study resources

    than any other law training provider, including live and recorded webinars, pre-recorded lectures, flashcards, revision and summary notes, quizzes, scenario questions and answers, and mock assessments.

    Unlimited tutor support

    with a response to all queries within 24 hours of a working day.

    A step-by-step study plan,

    setting out a suggested programme of study for your unit.

    Intensive revision sessions

    ahead of the January and June exams.

    For Practice subjects,

    the tutor-led revision sessions focus on the CILEx pre-release case study materials, analysing the scenarios and the exam techniques needed to successfully answer all questions.

    For Law subjects,

    the tutor-led revision sessions focus on the typical types of questions found in Sections A and B, and the exam techniques needed to successfully answer all questions.

    Interactive online forums

    where you can interact with other students on the course.

    Extensive revision materials

    for each unit, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to take your exams with confidence.

    Free Law Express e-books

    for Introduction to Law, Contract and Land Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law, Family Law, Employment Law and Company and Partnership Law and Practice.

    Free access to Thomson Reuters Practical Law

    the leading online legal know-how service.

    Signposting students to purchase the textbooks they need to succeed via the Law Trove collection.

    Law Trove contains approximately 200 online law textbooks, including those featured on CILEx’s recommended reading list across core and optional modules. Here at Law Training Centre, we offer a discount for students who choose to purchase access to one or more law textbooks. Once purchased, you'll receive 12 months digital access to these books. If you prefer hard copies, Law Training Centre offers 25% discount to our students.

    Instalment payment options

    for both individual units and full diplomas.

    NUS Card

    available for purchase.

    Discounted fees

    for multiple unit purchases.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For each unit you study, you will receive:
  • Course access and support: 18-month access per individual unit to all e-learning materials and tutor support
  • Unlimited tutor support and your queries answered within 24 hours
  • A step-by-step study plan, setting out a suggested programme of study for your unit
  • Pre-recorded lectures covering learning outcomes for each unit and the key legal points that need to be studied to ensure your success in the exams
  • Additional checklists, summaries, flashcards and study materials to help you prepare and revise for your exams
  • Additional free e-books for life on the English Legal System, Contract and Land Law. These are specifically designed to explain difficult concepts and to help you revise and prepare for exams.The full e-book functionality allows users to easily annotate, highlight and create custom flashcards. More subjects will be added soon.
  • Free access for LTC learners to the Thomson Reuters Practical Law, the leading online legal know-how service used by over 140,000 lawyers worldwide. Practical Law provides an unparalleled range of resources from practice notes, current awareness, checklists, standard documents and a unique ‘Ask-Legal Query service’, which is invaluable for students needing practical guidance.
  • Option to purchase access to the Oxford University Press’(OUP) Law Trove at a 10% discount. Students can choose individual subject collections or the full OUP Law Trove.
  • Intensive revision sessions ahead of the January and June exams: for Practice subjects, the tutor-led revision sessions focus on the CILEx pre-release case study materials, analysing the scenarios and the exam techniques needed to successfully answer all questions.
  • For Practice subjects, the tutor-led revision sessions focus on the typical types of questions found in Sections A and B, and the exam techniques needed to successfully answer all questions.
  • An interactive online forum where you can interact with other students on the course.
  • Learners can use any textbooks for their CILEx courses provided they meet the required level at which they are studying.

    Here at Law Training Centre, we offer a discount for students who choose to purchase access to one or more law textbooks. Once purchased, you'll receive 12 months digital access to these books. If you prefer hard copies, Law Training Centre offers 25% discount to our students.
    Our supported distance-learning model is a flexible approach to studying CILEx units. It blends the best of e-learning and tutor support enabling you to study at your own pace with unlimited support from our experienced tutors. Except for Professional Skills, all CILEx units are assessed via an exam.

    Assessment (Exam) Arrangements:

    Each CILEx Level 3 and Level 6 Law and Practice unit is assessed by an exam that can be taken at your local external CILEx exam centre in January and June of each year.

    You can choose when to sit the exam – you do not need to choose the next sitting after starting your course.

    The full list of nationwide CILEx exam venues can be seen here.

    Exam fees: CILEx requires learners to pay the relevant fee for each exam they enter, regardless of which training provider they study with. Details of fees can be found here.

    Please note that prior to taking the exam, CILEx requires that candidates must have studied each relevant unit at an accredited centre.

    Exam registration deadlines must be adhered to, and full details of the key dates can be found here. Overseas students are welcome, but please note that overseas students must make exam arrangements in their country or residence. They must also get approval from CILEx directly and well in advance – please see the Overseas Student’ tab here.
    You must be 18 or over to enrol and study with Law Training Centre.
    They are law lecturers and practitioners with a wealth of experience in the legal sector. They include CILEx Fellows, Licensed Conveyancers, Solicitors, Barristers, Chief Examiners and Assessors, University Lecturers and Law Book Authors with related subject experience. They have been trained to deliver our courses in an interactive and engaging manner.
    There are some additional costs involved when studying CILEx courses. These are listed below:

    Membership – CILEx membership prices range based on grade.

    Assessment fees – All units end with an assessment (either exam or coursework based) and incur a fee.

    Assessment Centre fees – For units that end with an exam, CILEx will also charge an assessment centre fee.

    Extra reading – The recommended reading list is not part of the core course but can be purchased separately. Law Training Centre learners can purchase Oxford University Press (OUP) Law Trove access which includes manuals in CILEx’ recommended reading list. Learners can also have up to 25% off OUP textbooks.
    You will have a tutor for each unit whom you can contact directly at any time by email, forums or webinars.

    Your tutor is there to support you throughout your studies and will provide you with prompt and clear replies to all your questions.

    Tutors will also support you through forums on each subject.

    Revision sessions for exams.
    There are live question and answer webinars with your tutor(s). These focus on the key areas of exam-writing skills and the expected standard to pass a CILEx exam. For Practice units, the tutors will work with you to analyse pre-released case study materials.
    All our CILEx units have a 18-month access period, which makes available materials and support for at least two possible exam sittings. In the highly unlikely event that you are unsuccessful on your first attempt, you can simply re-register with CILEx to sit the exam at the next sitting. CILEx do not place a limit on the number of times you can sit an exam.
    Whilst not needed, we advise that all students have a minimum GCSE or equivalent qualification in English and Maths. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will be happy to provide further guidance. For many of our CILEx courses, you do not need to have any prior legal qualifications or practical legal experience.
    Upon course expiry (18 months from enrolling), you will no longer have access to the learning materials and support in the Learner Area for that unit.

    However, you will still be able to enter CILEx exams. For Professional Skills you will be able to enter those units, provided your LTC tutor gave you a provisional pass for the work you submitted to LTC. If you need more than 18 months, you can renew your course at a heavily discounted rate.
    You can apply for a NUS Extra Discount Card once you’ve enrolled on your course. Further details in your learner area. LTC students can also purchase access to OUP’s Law Trove at a 10% discount for either full access or access to subject collections.
    The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) is the membership and awarding body for the CILEx qualifications. It sets, runs and mark the exams and issue certificates. CILEx also sets the membership fees and associated charges for qualifying.

    The Law Training Centre (LTC) is an accredited CILEx study centre. Only accredited study centres can deliver training that allows you to enter the CILEx exams, and qualify. LTC is your training provider and delivers tuition for your CILEx studies, and the support you need to pass your CILEx exams.
    Yes, you can begin your course at any time, even before purchasing your CILEx membership. Your CILEx membership must be purchased in time to apply for your assessment and the key dates and deadlines for this can be found here.
    The CILEx Information for Students page on the CILEx website is an important resource, and we advise that you familiarise yourself with it at the beginning of your studies. There you will find useful information and updates relating to student handbooks, exam policies, deadlines, CILEx registration fees, past papers and suggested answers, exam timetables and even the Chief Examiner reports. The full qualifications rules and a comprehensive guide to each qualification can be found in the latest CILEx Qualification Handbooks.


    Thinking about enrolling in an LTC CILEx online course?

    All our courses are designed to fit around your existing commitments. They can be studied at your own pace and are delivered by our approachable team of law lecturers and practitioners with years of industry experience.

    Most importantly, our courses represent great value for money and can be paid for via instalments, making them accessible and ensuring a real return on investment.

    Key Benefits

  • No training contract or pupillage required
  • The most accessible route to a career as a qualified lawyer
  • Value-for-money study, entry and membership fees
  • Study full time or part-time via distance learning
  • Earn as you learn and avoid further student debt
  • Exemptions available, meaning less study time and lower costs
  • Instant CILEx Associate membership
  • Regulated by a professional body
  • Successful and satisfied businesswoman, holding a notebook,looking at camera.

    Upon successful completion

    On successfully completing the Graduate Fast-track Diploma (Level 6 Diploma in Legal Practice), you can upgrade from CILEx Associate Member to CILEx Graduate Member.

    Courses can be studied full time, part-time or via distance learning, leaving you free to work in legal practice and gain the necessary qualifying employment to becoming a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer and a CILEx Fellow.

    The Graduate Fast Track Diploma (Level 6 Diploma in Legal Practice) is open to those who have achieved their law degree or GDL.


    *You must choose at least one Practice unit that relates to a subject you studied within your law degree or GDL. The second Practice Unit is your own choice.
    The qualification comprises three units, which are subject to the qualification rules:

    Unit Type: Practice

  • Unit 15: Civil Litigation
    Linked Law Unit: Contract Law or Law of Tort

  • Unit 16: The Practice of Company and Partnership Law
    Linked Law Unit: Company and Partnership Law

  • Unit 17: Conveyancing
    Linked Law Unit: Land Law

  • Unit 18: Criminal Litigation
    Linked Law Unit: Criminal Law

  • Unit 19: The Practice of Employment Law
    Linked Law Unit: Employment/Labour Law

  • Unit 20: The Practice of Family Law
    Linked Law Unit: Family Law

  • Unit 21: Probate Practice
    Linked Law Unit: Law of Wills and Succession

  • Examination based on pre-released case study twice a year in January and June.

    Unit Type: Professional Skills (Mandatory)

  • Unit 22: Client Care Skills
  • Task based assessment, no exams. Internally assessed and externally moderated. Submission windows to submit work twice a year in January and June.

    What will I need before I get started?

    To study your online course, you will need the following:
    Minimum Hardware Requirements:
  • Computer / laptop / Google Chromebook / Apple MacBook
  • Keyboard and a mouse or another pointing device
  • Broadband connection with 10 Mbps average speed
  • An Ethernet cable for maintaining internet stability
  • Working microphone, either internal or external
  • Webcam with 320 x 240 VGA resolution, either internal or external
  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • Preferred Internet Browser: Google Chrome
  • Operating System: Windows 7+ / macOS 10.11+ / Chrome 58+
  • Free RAM: 2GB
  • Processor: 2GHz Intel Pentium / Intel / ARM
  • Free disk space: 1GB
  • We are here to help. If you have any questions on the above, please contact us.

    How to apply?

    How do I enrol?

    The Law Training Centre accepts applications throughout the year so that learners can start when it suits them most.

    You can request an enrolment form by completing our form. Once completed, you will receive the form directly to the email address you provide.

    Please fill in the enrolment form and return it to
    To ensure your enrolment is processed as quickly as possible, please make sure that you read the form carefully, and fill out all the required boxes. If you need any help or have questions, please contact us on 0330 088 8495 or
    Law Training Centre company logo

    What happens after I send my enrolment form?

    Your enrolment application form will be processed by our Student Services Team. If there are any queries at this stage, we will contact you.


    Once your form has been processed, we will issue your invoice in accordance with the information you provide to us on your enrolment form.
    If you (or your firm) are paying for your course in full, we can accept payment by bank transfer or credit/debit card.
    If you (or your firm) are paying by instalments, you (or they) will need to do two things to complete your enrolment:
    (1) set up a Direct Debit mandate, which will be emailed to you separately, and
    (2) pay your initial invoice by bank transfer or card.
    Your enrolment will not be complete until we have received payment and, if applicable, confirmation of set up of the Direct Debit mandate. Incomplete applications will expire after 30 days. Please ensure you (and your sponsor if relevant) agree to all of the Terms and Conditions on the last page before submitting your enrolment form.

    Payment options

    You can pay by bank transfer to our account or by credit/debit card using the payment link on your invoice. Please note that we cannot take payment over the phone.

    Course login

    Once we have processed your payment (and received confirmation that the Direct Debit mandate has been set up if you are paying by instalments) and the 14-day cooling-off period has passed or has been waived, you will receive access to your course login within two working days. If it doesn’t arrive, please check your junk folder before contacting our support team on

    Why choose us?

    We are specialised legal trainers, solely focussed on the provision of legal and business training for aspiring and qualified lawyers.

    We have a deep understanding of the current legal sector and the training needs of those who work within it.

    Our course delivery is uniquely engaging, having full regard of how precious time is for those not only studying law, but also practising at the same time.

    We are here to support our students and partners by providing them with the tools to stand out from the competition and accelerate their legal career.