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9 June 2021

Recognised Prior Learning – make the most of your previous and partial qualifications

No matter how long it has been since you last studied, the investment you have made in your prior learning retains its value. Here’s how you can ‘sweat your assets’ when it comes to Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).


  • Full or partial law degrees from the UK and abroad
  • Full or partial degrees in subjects linked to law (e.g. Psychology, Criminology) from the UK and abroad
  • Full or partial Legal Practice Course post graduate diplomas
  • CLC Conveyancing or Probate studies
  • CILEx Diplomas or individual units
  • Certain paralegal qualifications

At Law Training Centre, we know that the journey to qualification is not always straightforward, and there is no single pathway that guarantees success for all. What matters to us is helping you reach your individual destination in the clearest, easiest, and most affordable way for you. That’s why we have several options to help remove the barriers to achieving your legal qualification:


1. Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) Concessions

For some learners, the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will have inspired them to continue their training journey, subsequent to the achievement of their previous qualifications, to now become a fully qualified solicitor.
To recognise the prior financial investment, as well as existing knowledge, of learners who have already studied other relevant qualifications, Law Training Centre may provide a RPL concession of £150.00 off the cost of our SQE1 Prep Course and our SQE2 Prep Course. This concession acknowledges the increased pace and ease of study that your existing understanding can facilitate.
At the time of writing, 92% of our SQE learners have been eligible to receive a RPL concession. It is free and easy to ask Law Training Centre to consider your previous qualifications, and there is no obligation to enrol following your enquiry.


2. Study Exemptions

As a fully accredited training provider for the CLC Qualifications, Law Training Centre will review and award, where appropriate, exemptions for prospective CLC learners who have already undertaken RPL. This means that certain units can be ‘skipped over’, preventing the need to repeat areas of study already achieved.
At the time of writing, nearly half of our current CLC learners have had some form of exemption confirmed. It is free and easy to ask Law Training Centre to consider your previous qualifications and whether you are eligible for exemptions, and there is no obligation to enrol following your enquiry.
The example below is of just one of our learners, who had previously achieved CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice and was seeking to complete their CLC Level 4 Diploma in Property Law and Practice:



In addition, there are a great number of benefits for those looking to dual qualify in both Conveyancing and Probate.
Check out the example below of the exemptions available to one of our actual students looking to dual qualify. In this case, the learner already held their CLC Conveyancing License and was seeking dual qualification to add Probate to their practice. Only two further units of study were required!


3. Ability to transfer from another provider

Not everyone learns in the same way, and no one should be left feeling trapped, tied to a provider that isn’t offering the support or materials they need to succeed. However, many learners are left feeling that they have to ‘stick it out’ where they are currently studying for fear that their progress to date will be lost.
Law Training Centre makes sure that this doesn’t happen, by offering all CLC, CILEx and NALP learners the ability to transfer to enrol with us, provided that they can confirm their prior achievements. This will enable learners to continue to progress with their learning from where they left off with their previous provider – no repeats necessary!


To secure RPL Concession, exemptions, or to transfer from another provider, evidence of your RPL (e.g. certificates, transcripts) will need to be provided. To confirm your RPL, ask any questions, or for advice on your qualification journey contact the Law Training Centre team today.


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