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5 February 2021

How you can benefit from the UK legal skills shortage

Whilst the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus continue to rattle the UK’s economy, the legal sector has remained resilient. As many individuals are now taking stock of their career options in a vastly altered employment landscape, here’s why now might be the ideal time to pursue a career in law:


Increased legal skills demand

According to Hays’ 2020 UK Salary & Recruiting Trends guide, 89% of legal employers had experienced some form of skills shortage in the previous 12 months. In addition, nearly 71% said their top challenge when recruiting over the next 12 months would be a lack of suitable applicants.

Thanks to the Government-introduced stamp duty holiday, conveyancing services over the past year have boomed. In addition, as home working looks set to become the norm and redundancies across other sectors are announced almost daily, the employment law sector is also expected to be in greater demand, driving employers to recruit! As if there were not already demonstrable shortage of trained legal professionals in the UK, Brexit holds the potential to further enhance this deficit through a reduction in qualified lawyers from the EU entering the country to work.


So, could you benefit from this increased demand?

With the clear demand for individuals with a legal skillset in mind, a new study has revealed that one in three people have used online learning to secure themselves a better job – and, on average, online learning can boost your annual pay by £3,640. At Law Training Centre, we specialise in providing life changing legal qualifications which offer multiple pathways into a legal career. Our online courses are designed to equip you with the legal knowledge and the practical understanding you need to succeed, with access to an extensive bank of learning materials to suit all learning styles and experience levels.

For tips on how you can stand out as a job applicant, you can read our article here: Standing out as a job applicant during the pandemic



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