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11 December 2023

How to get your employer to fund your SQE training

If you’re looking to take the next step in your legal career and enrol on an SQE course, have you considered asking your employer for support with funding?

Qualifying as a solicitor will not only help you advance in your career, but will also be of value to your employer. To help you broach the often daunting subject of asking for training, we’ve put together an SQE Career Progression Business Plan template and guide.


Why should you ask your employer for funding?

Although it can be difficult to bring up the subject of financial support for SQE training with your employer, it’s a great opportunity to show your initiative to take the next step in your career and improve your knowledge and skills. To find out more, we spoke with Diane Clark, Legal Talent Development Manager and HR professional:

“Many employees reach a point in their careers where they truly believe they add value to the workplace and wish for their employers to acknowledge their skills and aspirations. Some have an opportunity to discuss goals at performance reviews, but this is not always the case.

“From an HR point of view, if you believe that you could bring further value to your role through the higher education route, don’t be afraid to ask for financial assistance and reasonable time off for your studies. This could be the next step towards your promotion within the business.

“Remember, employee retention is a two-way relationship. You as an employee would be putting in time and effort to study and this can open up opportunities for you, whilst your employer would benefit from your additional skills and knowledge as well as your personal commitment, drive and continued loyalty.

“Not all organisations have the luxury of an HR/training department, so it is important that you approach your employer or manager and clearly communicate your reason for wanting to study and obtain their financial support for SQE training. Your employer will most certainly expect you to provide a strong business case, demonstrating your commitment and your drive for progression within their business – which is why having a Career Progression Business Plan is so important.”


Using the guide and template

We have created an SQE Career Progression Business Plan tool kit which has been developed through extensive research in collaboration with legal professionals. The purpose of the template and guide is to assist you in formulating a compelling business plan that not only aligns with your career goals but also maximises your chances of obtaining funding and support for your SQE studies.

By completing the SQE Career Progression Business Plan, you can demonstrate to your employer:

  • How pursuing the chosen SQE course will be directly relevant and beneficial to you.
  • How the course aligns directly with your career goals and contributes to your professional development.
  • How the skills and knowledge gained will not only meet the specific demands of your role but also position you as an invaluable asset to your department.
  • How the advanced legal skills acquired will be directly applicable to your work.
  • How the course fees compare to ROI, providing a comprehensive analysis of the anticipated return on investment (ROI) for your company.

Within the template, you will find sections for all of the relevant information you will need to present to your employer. This includes information about your course, the fees that would be required and a Career Progression Proposal where you can outline why you should receive financial support for the SQE.

Learners who are already enrolled on our SQE courses may also find the guide and template useful for approaching their employers as funding can be secured retrospectively.

“If you follow the guide and complete the template in line with our advice, you will have a strong business case that would impress any employer.” – Diane Clark, Legal Talent Development Manager


If you require any support or want to find out more about Law Training Centre and our SQE courses, please contact our Student Services Team at [email protected]

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