Level 3 NALP Paralegal Diploma - Paralegal Qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in Paralegal Studies

The Level 3 Diploma in Paralegal Studies is a law qualification for:

Those who work in a non-legal role in law firms (e.g. in a secretarial or business administration role).​
Students looking to become a paralegal, who have some paralegal experience and are looking to enhance their career.
School leavers who want an alternative to university, and graduates.
Student of other legal qualifications who can gain course work exemptions through studying NALP topics.
The Certificate covers the main areas associated with traditional High Street legal practice. It is the first stage in becoming a Licenced Paralegal.

Tiers and topics explained

The Certificate is available in three tiers which are divided into topics. Each tier is more advanced than the previous, starting with the Award tier. The acronym TQT used below and alongside the descriptions of topics refers to Total Qualification Time. This is how long an average learner might spend studying for each topic plus how long, on average, the assignment for each topic should take.

Each topic offers in-depth, theoretical and practical learning so students can demonstrate their professional know-how:

  • Learning key skills
  • Interpreting legal language
  • Applying the law to real-life situations
  • Developing key skills in taking instructions.
  • This teaches key areas of law and jobs skills. Students must study Introduction to Law for Paralegals (94 TQT) plus any other topic to a minimum of 129 TQT.
    Includes One Year Affiliate Membership of NALP This teaches a broader knowledge of paralegal practice while still focusing on key areas of law and jobs skills. Students must study Introduction to Law for Paralegals (94 TQT) and Legal Ethics and Responsibilities for Paralegals (45 TQT) plus any combination of units to a minimum of 220 TQTs. The maximum TQTs it will take for a Learner to achieve this qualification is 281.
    Includes One Year Affiliate Membership of NALP This is the benchmark qualification, taking you a step nearer to becoming a Licenced Paralegal and applying for Associate membership of NALP – the stage above Affiliate Membership and when you can seek your own clients and set up practice as a fully Licenced Paralegal. Students must study Introduction to Law for Paralegals (94 TQT) and Legal Ethics and Responsibilities for Paralegals (45 TQT) plus any combination of units to a minimum of 387 TQTs.
    As part of their professional development, students may also study for individual units within a tier or across tiers without completing an Award, Certificate or Diploma. This can be particularly helpful for overseas students studying in the UK for a law qualification. They can ask for exemptions from the subjects they have studied with NALP.

    How will I be taught and assessed?

    This Level 3 diploma is taught by online distance learning with all materials supplied. Students have a maximum of two years to complete the course from the date of enrolment. Depending upon the tier and topics chosen, study time can be between three and twelve months. Assessment is by an assignment submitted online. A typical exam question might be: “Explain how you would prepare for a client meeting and the sort of matters that you would consider and how you would record the information.” A pass mark of 45% is set for each topic assignment – and every learning outcome detailed at enrolment must be achieved. It is possible to gain a mark above 45% overall but fail to pass all the learning outcomes, which would lead to a Refer grade.
    Pass Mark

    Sample Questions for the Level 3

    Assignment Guide for Distance Learners

    Level 3 Qualification Specification

    Topics of study

    This is compulsory for the Award, Certificate and Diploma.


  • The legal system in England and Wales
  • Legal principles of contract and tort law
  • The law-making process
  • Structure of the courts
  • Roles of key legal personnel
  • Methods of dispute.
  • This is compulsory for the Award, Certificate and Diploma.


  • Client care and the role of the paralegal/application of client care
  • Professional conduct.
  • Covers how civil litigation is used, referring to case studies in the following areas:

  • Debt recovery
  • Personal injury
  • Consumer law
  • Family

  • Unit goals are to:

  • Understand how civil actions are started and funded
  • Create paralegals who can play an active role as part of a civil litigation team.
  • Covers:

  • How conveyancing works in England and Wales
  • Key practical skills: taking instructions from clients, interviewing the client, and more.
  • Covers:

  • Criminal litigation principles and procedure in magistrates’ courts and the Crown Court
  • Principles of professional conduct in criminal litigation
  • Covers:

  • Principles, processes and practical applications of employment law and law applied to the work place
  • The scope of employment law
  • Contractual relationships
  • Possible roles for paralegals in employment practice and HR departments.
  • Covers: Procedure and practice of Wills and Succession
  • Commercial law
  • Its applications for different types of organisation
  • Contract law and commercial contracts
  • Commercial confidentiality
  • Covers:
  • Consumer legislation in England and Wales
  • Providing initial consumer advice.

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    What will I need before I get started?

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    How to apply?

    How do I enrol?

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