Access to Law SQE Scholarship

The Access to Law SQE Scholarship has been created to support future legal professionals from all backgrounds, who would have otherwise been unable to study law.

At Law Training Centre we are avid supporters and advocates of social mobility and increased diversity within the legal profession. Our mission is to break down traditional barriers that exist, preventing learners from accessing a legal education. Our goal is to widen access to careers within law and creating a legal market that is diverse, flexible, multi-skilled, and reflective of current market demands.

The Access to Law SQE Scholarship offers Law Training Centre learners the opportunity
to have 50% of their SQE1 Prep tuition fees funded by the Scholarship

To be eligible for the Access to Law SQE Scholarship, worth £1,000, applicants will need to demonstrate that their access to a legal education would not be possible without the assistance from the scholarship – due to either personal or financial circumstances, including, but not limited to, those with protected characteristics, those who are under-represented within the legal profession, and those from a socially disadvantaged background. Prior educational or professional dedication and achievement may also be considered.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the Access to Law SQE Scholarship, please complete and return the Access to Law Scholarship application form to

We are currently accepting applications, and candidates can apply from now until 31 December 2021.
Please note, the Access to Law SQE Scholarship is available for new enrolments onto SQE1 Prep only.

We recommend you read our Scholarship Application Guidance prior to commencing the application process.

How are applications assessed?


All applications are reviewed and considered by the Law Training Centre Scholarships Team to initially confirm eligibility. Eligible candidates’ applications will then be considered by the Academic Board and candidates will receive the results of their application within 10 working days of submission.

Paying the remaining 50% of your SQE1 Prep tuition

Candidates will be required to make an initial payment within 2 weeks of being offered a Scholarship, in order to secure their grant. Failure to make such initial payment within 2 weeks will result in the scholarship offer being withdrawn.

Candidates can select to pay the remaining 50% balance for the course either in full, or via interest free instalments (subject to an admin fee).