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SQE1 Exam Practice

With the online course I was able to prioritise my workload and study during the time I had available alongside work and the school runs.

Rebecca Prince, SQE learner

I didn't realise how important the flexibility of this course would be to me, but it has made my time studying so much easier.

Sunny Miah, SQE learner

Law Training Centre made me feel like I wasn't going to be out of my depth as a mature learner coming back to law.

Sian Jones, SQE learner

The SQE is a high stakes assessment which brings with it great opportunities, which is why it’s important to use a high quality training provider like Law Training Centre.

However, we recognise that some will have self-studied and are looking for exam practice only, and that some will require support for just one assessment following self-study or training with another provider. Therefore, you may not require a full preparation course and may be looking for a specific exam practice course…that’s where we can help!

We offer two Exam-Track pathways for learners with specific needs:

  1. SQE1 Just Mocks: Self-studied for the SQE1 Assessment and require exam practice
  2. SQE1 FLK Exam-Track: Self-studied or with another training provider and need to re-take the FLK1 or FLK2 assessment

If you require a full preparation course, why not check out our SQE1 Prep Flexi-Learn here?

1. Self-studied for the SQE1 Assessment and require exam practice

Check your SQE1 knowledge to see how much you know, as well as the areas you need to work on, with our SQE1 Just Mocks course. Ideal if you are confident in your legal knowledge and you are seeking to gain mock experience ahead of your SQE1 assessments, or as a useful tool to help you identify the level of preparation you require and a suitably supportive prep course.

How will you study?

The SQE1 Just Mocks course is structured to prepare you in stages.

Part 1: FLK1 and FLK2 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Part 2: Individual FLK1 and FLK2 Mock Questions

Part 3: Timed Mock Assessments

2. Self-studied or with another training provider and need to re-take the FLK1 or FLK2 assessment

If you have taken the SQE1 assessments previously and need to re-take just one of the FLK assessments, we can provide you with our SQE1 Exam-Track course dedicated to the FLK1 or FLK2.

  • SQE1 FLK1 Exam-Track
  • SQE1 FLK2 Exam-Track

Each course contains all of the features of our SQE1 preparation courses isolated to the FLK1 or FLK2 units depending on the requirements needed. To be eligible you must provide evidence of your pass in one of the FLK assessments.

What will you be tested on?

Our SQE1 Exam-Track courses will test your knowledge across the relevant subject areas listed within the SQE1 assessment specification.

Over 3,500 learners choose Law Training Centre to qualify flexibly…


Cash is studying the SQE without a degree after completing his CLC Level 6 Diploma.


Sian is studying for the SQE1 with us course whilst working and raising her three children.
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Rebecca is studying for her SQE1 exams with the help of our Access To Law SQE Scholarship.
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Course fees and enrolment

£2700 £2400 – Introductory Offer ending 30 June 2024

Please use the buttons below to view our full list of course fees and scholarship options.

Law Training Centre accepts PayPal as a payment option. A link to PayPal will be provided on your invoice when you sign up for a course. PayPal is a secure card processor and allows you to use your debit or credit card to pay, you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service.

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You may be eligible for an Access to Law SQE Scholarship worth £1,000 towards your SQE1 Prep tuition fees – find out more.

Law Training Centre has a partnership with Lendwise to help you fund both your course fees as well as the cost of your exam/s. Lendwise is a student loan provider through which candidates can fund their postgraduate and professional qualification studies and exam fees.

A Lendwise loan comes with a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan and no early repayment penalties. The minimum loan amount is £2,000, and the interest rate offered will depend on the overall applicant profile and the application process is entirely online.

Please contact Lendwise directly to apply for your loan.

What are my next steps?

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Get employer support for your SQE studies

Want to study but concerned about the cost? Why not consider asking your employer for financial support?

Over 700 organisations have chosen to sponsor and train their teams to study with Law Training Centre, and it’s clear that SQE training is at the forefront of many employers’ priorities.

Although it can be daunting, asking your employer for support with training is a great way to show your commitment to your role and your aspiration for improvement and growth within the business.

To take your first step to securing employer support, download our SQE Career Progression Business Plan template and guide and create a compelling case to present to your employer.


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How do I enrol?

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Why choose Law Training Centre?

As specialised legal trainers, we’ve trained over 3,500 learners from the UK and across the globe.

Our academic team are legal professionals and academic specialists that understand the requirements of the legal sector.

Unique, fully flexible online course delivery made to fit around your work and life commitments.

Unlimited tutor support for learners to help you accelerate your legal career and stand out from the competition.

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