Study now Pay later for LTC students on our CLC courses!
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Study Now Pay Later for CLC learners has been extended!

These are trying times. But we want to reassure our learners that we are in this with you.

While Law Training Centre can continue to offer learners our services, we appreciate that many of our learners are struggling. We want to reassure you all that we are listening and adapting our methods to help you maintain your studies despite your circumstances, that’s why we have extended this offer until the end of November.

What does that mean for me?

We will be offering learners, present and future, the chance to study now and pay later! This means that you will make the first payment on either individual units(s) or a Diploma course. You will then have the option of deferring further payment for some months and then have the option of paying the rest of your course fees in full or setting up a direct debit if you choose to pay with instalments.

I can pay in full; do I get any benefits?

Yes! We will be increasing our upfront discount offer to make sure you can benefit too if you’re able to purchase your course in full.

Can I take part in this?

This is currently available for all CLC learners. If you’d like to switch over to our CLC courses, please contact us with your questions at new fee sheets for our CLC courses can be found further down this page and if you want to enrol, simply click on the enrolment form below and send it back to

This is great, but what’s the point if my studies are still disrupted?

We have been working on a solution for this as well, we know that exams being pushed back interrupts many learners’ timelines. Head over to our Take your CLC online! article for the latest news on that. We’ll talk you through our proctored exams system and how you will be able to take exams from home, thus making sure your learning journey stays intact.