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Why study at LTC?

From our experience delivering quality, online, legal education to our dedicated student support system, and everything in between, you are in good hands when you choose to study with the Law Training Centre.

Made for lawyers, by lawyers

Started with the purpose of offering alternative routes into law, the Law Training Centre is dedicated to bringing affordable, legal education to the aspiring legal professional looking to boost their career prospects. Our directors, course writers and tutors all have first hand experience in the legal sector, in many different fields and roles. As a learner, you can be assured that we are providing a legal education that is at the forefront of legal practice.

Courses designed with a busy learner in mind

We have deep insight into the type of learner that will pick up an online course. From a busy, working parent, to the bold young professional looking to boost their career, we know that our learners lack one thing. Not drive, not discipline, nor ambition, but time. With this in mind, we designed our courses to be flexible, available to a learner when they need it, with resources that can be picked up and utilised as and when a learner can spare the precious time they have.

From short quizzes that can be completed in 10 minutes, to lectures that require attention for 20 minutes to in-depth course notes and manuals that can absorb a learner for hours, there is something available to fit any schedule.

Excellent support

With budgets strained, spiralling living costs, university fees climbing higher and higher, the Law Training Centre’s aim with our courses is to offer affordable, quality education for the legal profession. With that in mind, we offer some of the best value available in the legal education sector. Not only that, but we’ve made purchasing a course as flexible as possible. This means, that if you can only afford to purchase one unit at a time, on our smallest instalment plan of £49.50 (CILEx Level 3 units), you will experience the same level of support and dedication any student would.

Passionate tutors

Available to you at the end of an email, our tutors provide our learners with full support while they study. Having experienced many of the hurdles a legal student and professional may face, our tutors are passionate about passing on their knowledge and experience to our learners. Their experience as educators and their depth of knowledge is a resource that our learners take advantage of to their benefit.

What our students say

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our learners say about studying with the Law Training Centre and how it changed their prospects.
Julieann Fitzegarald on tutor support: I found the tutor support invaluable. When I got stuck on something and couldn’t progress with my course, my tutors would get back to me straight away.
Sam Griggs on the quality of our content: I found the lectures very in-depth. My first module with LTC was Landlord & Tenant. On our Facebook group, that unit has a reputation for being tough. But I passed it with a high mark!
Robert Chawner on studying and working full time: Working in a law firm and studying law at the same time has been vital for me. I’ve applied things I’ve learned, even in law subjects that aren’t specifically to do with a private client, to my job.
Claire Smith on the opportunities studying gave her: I’m now a Prosecutor for the Met Police, and I present in court for traffic offences, if someone has been caught speeding or on their phone, for example. My CILEx qualification gave me the opportunity to get the position I’m in now.My aim is to complete my qualification and be a CILEx Lawyer.

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Still not convinced we’re the online school for you? Then email info@ltckent.co.uk or call us on 0330 088 8495 to talk to our dedicated course adviser.