Stacie Pettman – Overcoming Life’s Hurdles - Law Training Centre

Stacie Pettman – Overcoming Life’s Hurdles

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Stacie started working in a law firm when she was 20. Her brother is a solicitor in London and had inspired her to pursue a career in law. After six years gaining legal experience and raising her young daughter, she started studying so she could do something for her – here’s how she did it.
There were a few hurdles when I first started studying. I was very nervous as I hadn’t studied for some time. I was looking after my daughter on my own, so I had little spare time and I was scared of failure. As soon as I started studying the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, though, I realised I should’ve started a lot sooner!
I’ve found my Law Training Centre tutor very supportive and the online resources are very clear. I like to print everything out and have it in a file for each unit. My walls at home are always covered in revision notes! I can choose which units I want to study, in any order. For example, I started Legal Research and then put it on the back burner for a year to prioritise other units. That flexibility is critical when you’re working, have a child and life throws obstacles at you along the way. If I didn’t have the option of flexible study, I would not have been able to pursue a qualification. I do not have the pressure of deadlines that you get from full-time university courses.
If I hadn’t started studying CILEx, my professional progression would be stuck. My firm has been really supportive and now I’m excited to see what the future holds.
During my Legal Research units, I realised that all lawyers and solicitors are continuously learning. At times when I lack confidence, I remind myself that even the most experienced and successful lawyers don’t know everything, all of the time!
I wish I had started the course earlier. Every time I get an exam pass result, it’s a boost to my confidence. I have now completed the first stage of training and that’s another boost. I’d recommend this route, especially if you have to work and raise a child or you just need some flexibility in your study. I wanted to have control over my qualification and LTC helped me do that.