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Organisations that serve the legal sector

The organisations that follow below are here to help, and their clients and members include the leaders of law firm and students alike.


LawCare focuses upon the well-being and mental health of legal staff across the UK and Ireland. It is the legal support charity with the highest profile, and its services are a mix of listening/non-judgemental dialogue and emotional support and information. These take the form of helpline calls, email-help, and webchats. LawCare also works with the profession to offer training in well-being and mental health and actively lobbies to spread best practice within the profession. Its staff and volunteers have the first-hand experience of working in the law.

Local JLD (Junior Lawyers Division) Groups

Local JLD groups run social events and networking/support opportunities for junior lawyers across England and Wales. Many of them also have contacts with groups representing young or newly qualified professionals in other types of business within your area.

Society for Computers and Law (SCL)

SCL is a registered educational charity. Its aims are: “to inform and educate legal and technology professionals, academics and students and the wider audience on the impact of IT on law and legal practice.” It runs webinars on topics such as privacy and remote meetings and has regional groups including groups for specific topics such as Women in Technology and Knowledge Management. Student membership is free.

Organisations that support diversity within the legal community

There are many and they range from local Facebook groups to national networks that hold many events. The initiatives include:

Employment Lawyers Association UK (LEA) and other specialist law associations

The aims of the ELA are to promote the best practice of employment law and to support the work and interests of UK employment lawyers.
ELA is one of many support groups for specialist lawyers. Others include the Family Law Bar Association and The Conveyancing Association for conveyancing lawyers and licensed conveyancers.

Small Firms Division

Working for a small firm can offer individual solicitors’ greater visibility within their workplaces. The Small Firms Division of The Law Society has been set up to support the needs of smaller legal businesses including sole practitioners. The Law Society also has a division for in-house lawyers.

Law Management Section (LMS)

The Law Management Section is a legal community within The Law Society both supporting and informing law firms on issues that range from compliance to people and leadership. Membership benefits include a magazine, webinars, events, and participation in a financial benchmarking survey. The group is primarily aimed at partners, practice managers and other categories of legal business leaders although it is also open to trainees.


As well as organisations within the voluntary sector and those connected with legal professional associations, numerous private organisations offer help through consultancy services although this is usually to the firm as opposed to its staff. These services tend to be based around HR, practice management, business management, strategy, and marketing. It’s often thought that they tend only to be for larger firms. However, the likes of SMM Help for Lawyers advise smaller firms in all manner of practice management issues that range from acquiring and selling legal businesses, restructuring, business management, branding, and cash flow.

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