Enrolment Open for 2017-18, CILEx Information Days at the Law Training Centre

Every year we receive many expressions of interest and enquiries from those of you thinking about getting into Law via the CILEx route. During June, July and we host information days here at our centre and book you one-on-one meeting slots with one of our CILEx advisors to discuss your study options, availability to study and employment prospects.


If you haven’t already, do get in touch and book your information day slot with us by emailing  info@ltckent.co.uk or calling us 01227 811845.


Our learners are from a wide background and we have a host experience and advice for those looking at the CILEx route. Here at LTC we also help with employment via the LTC Employability Partnership with Kent firms that has secured many of our learners work experience and jobs at law firms. We always enjoy meeting new students whether they are already working in a law firm, a University graduate (recent or sometimes not so recent) or someone just embarking on their work career or maybe looking for a change.


So whether you are already in the legal industry or just thinking about a career in law, do get in touch with us and see where your career could go!