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Movers and shakers to follow on LinkedIn

Want the latest ideas in law or aspire to connect with a big legal thinker? These influencers are the ones to add to your LinkedIn “follow” list.

Sally Penni

Sally Penni is Barrister at Law, Founder of Women in the Law UK, a non-executive director on various boards and author/host of Talkinglawpodcast.

Sally posts prolifically on LinkedIn. At the time of writing, she was blogging at least once a week on COVID-related topics but she also posts on topics as wide as sports law, race relations, personal branding and the mixture of lawyers, celebrities and other public figures that appear in her podcasts. She also includes videos of her interviewing people and is a very engaging character.

Richard Susskind, OBE

Richard Susskind is one of the country’s most celebrated thinkers on the future of the legal profession. His credits include author, speaker and adviser to law firms and governments. He’s the IT adviser to the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, is professor at the Universities of Oxford and Strathclyde University and at Gresham College in London. He is also the President of the Society for Computers and Law and a Financial Times columnist.
His nine books, including the Future of Law and Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future, map out a vision of a radically changing legal profession. His most recent book is Online Courts and The Future of Justice, which argues that online “extended courts” can help people worldwide understand relevant law, their options, and to help them to formulate arguments and assemble evidence. He also claims these courts can offer non-judicial settlements such as negotiation.

Susskind is active on LinkedIn and often posts links to his articles and invites to his online talks some of which are free to view.
Follow Richard Susskind here:

Cherie Blair CBE (Cherie Booth Q.C.)

Cherie Blair is one of the highest profile barristers in the UK, specialising in human rights, public law, mediation, arbitration and European Community Law. She regularly talks on human rights and women’s equality and is founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, which partners with global organisations to support women entrepreneurs in the developing world.
She was QC at Matrix Chambers – an unusual set with bases in London and Geneva and founded just before the implementation of the Human Rights Act in 2000 specifically to work on cases arising from that new legislation as well as international criminal and constitutional law.

More recently she founded Omnia Strategy, a law firm specialising in international arbitration.
Given her interests in human rights, conflict, and her position as the spouse of a former prime minister, it’s no surprise that her LinkedIn profile has lots of links to current affairs.

Andrew M.J. Arruda

Andrew Arruda is CEO and co-founder of Ross Intelligence, which builds artificially intelligent tools to enhance lawyers’ abilities and which claims to have created the world’s first AI legal assistant. An American attorney, he is also the founder of LegalTech for a Change (within the American Bar Association) and is a member of a string of committees looking at law firm technology, multidisciplinary practices and alternative legal business structures in the USA and Asia. Before he co-founded Ross Intelligence, Arruda worked at a litigation boutique in Toronto, Canada and with the Canadian department of foreign affairs, trade and development in Lisbon, Portugal.

Arruda is also a TED talks speaker and magazine writer on the topic of robotics.
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Eve Dullabh, Law Training Centre

We couldn’t let this opportunity go by without recommending that you follow our own LinkedIn pages. Along with Dino Dullabh (follow him on LinkedIn too) and our great team of legal experts, I am proud to have helped build a training centre which has at its heart widening access to those who want to enter the legal profession. We provide alternative and more affordable routes to qualifying and are passionate about the teaching and development of legal professionals. Like me and Dino, everyone who works for Law Training Centre has very strong backgrounds in law and training and we always seek to break new ground.
The blogs on my LinkedIn page cover a wide range of topics including essential skills for the modern lawyer, state-of-the-art legal training, the future of the legal market and study tips.

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