Civil And Commercial Mediator Foundation Training Programme

Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme -
Become a fully accredited civil and commercial mediator

The 52-hour programme provides detailed and comprehensive tuition for professionals seeking to acquire core mediation skills and accreditation.

LTC is a registered training provider of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and this course is delivered in partnership with the ADR Group. ADRg is widely acknowledged as one of the leading providers of professional mediator training and development in the UK.
The Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme is essential for any professional wanting to practice as a mediator. The skills obtained will enhance the performance and add value to the career of:

  • Anyone with responsibility for resolving disputes
  • Private practice Solicitors and Barristers
  • In-house legal advisers
  • Other professional advisers e.g. accountants and architects
  • Healthcare professionals
  • HR managers, union representatives and policy advisers
  • The course will enable you to:

  • Understand the role mediation plays in the business and legal community
  • Develop advanced facilitation skills to promote communication between parties
  • Acquire competencies to distinguish issues from interests and develop commercial solutions
  • Enhance listening, probing and evaluation skills
  • LTC understands that working with the right organisations and experienced trainers is key to gaining recognized skills and qualifications in the growing mediation landscape. Working in partnership with ADRg we have ensured that our courses are developed and delivered by the UK’s leading provider in mediator training.

    In association with distinguished experts in mediation, the courses have continually evolved to ensure that they reflect the latest thinking and practice in the continually innovating field of alternative dispute resolution.
    Passing the Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme will enable you to:
  • meet the training requirement for becoming a CMC Registered Mediator (by delivering a total of 52 hours learning, including 40 hours face to face practical training, this programme ensures you not only meet but exceed the required standards of the Civil Mediation Council)
  • become a fully accredited mediator meeting European standards in mediation.
  • be awarded the ADR Group Certificate of Accreditation as a Civil and Commercial Mediator – an accreditation meeting the UK and European standards.
  • Course cost: £2,950.00
    Inclusive of all printed and digital materials, self-study materials, certification, refreshments and lunch each day of the course.
    This is one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the industry. Offering a total of 52 hours of learning, including 40 hours face to face practical training, the programme exceeds the required standards of the Civil Mediation Council.
    The Civil Mediation Council is the recognised authority in the country for all matters related to civil, commercial, workplace and other non-family mediation. Upon successful completion of this training, you will have completed the training requirement for becoming a CMC Registered Mediator. For more information on CMC Registered Mediator status please visit the CMC website.
    Successful completion of the course ensures you meet and exceed the training requirement for becoming a CMC Registered Mediator. You will automatically be awarded ADRg Certificate of Accreditation and be eligible for applying for CMC Registered Mediator status.
    After completing this course you will benefit from ongoing support and eligibility for membership with both the Council of Civil Mediators and ADRg membership which provides a strong network of ADR professionals where you can benefit from networking events, introduction to mediators and other continual professional development opportunities.

    Programme Content:
    Civil and Commercial Mediator Foundation Training Programme

    Module I – Distance Learning Programme on history, theory and basic dispute recognition
    (12 hours)

    The initial phase gives you an insight into the history and theory of mediation. The programme takes you through specific tutorials and case studies together with 6 exercises which must be submitted to LTC prior to attending Module 2.
    Module 2 – Five day practical training on core mediator competency
    (40 hours)

    This intensive module involves tutoring in mediation’s core competencies; planning & organisation, process management, communication skills, facilitation and creative problem solving. Delegates will be involved in role-playing mediation sessions, group discussions and practical exercises in order to practice the skills being learned. The use of video provides the opportunity for maximum feedback.

    Delegate assessment will be conducted throughout the course and will conclude with a formal video recorded assessment of a role-play in which delegates will be required to demonstrate the practical application of skills and core mediator competencies. The video recording will be retained for external moderation.
    Course Prerequisites
    The Civil and Commercial Mediation Training Programme is designed for individuals affiliated with a professional body. In order to fully engage in the role-play aspect of the course, participants require a strong command of the English language. If you have any concerns in this regard, please call us to discuss further prior to booking. There are no other particular course pre-requisites other than a willingness to engage in shared learning through role-plays and interactive exercises. Knowledge of the law is helpful but not essential.
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    Attendance of Civil and Commercial Mediation Programme, Modules I and 2 accrues 52 hours Law Society CPD and 33 hours of CPD for The General Council of the Bar.

    What will I need before I get started?

    To study your online course, you will need the following:
    Minimum Hardware Requirements:
  • Computer / laptop / Google Chromebook / Apple MacBook
  • Keyboard and a mouse or another pointing device
  • Broadband connection with 10 Mbps average speed
  • An Ethernet cable for maintaining internet stability
  • Working microphone, either internal or external
  • Webcam with 320 x 240 VGA resolution, either internal or external
  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • Preferred Internet Browser: Google Chrome
  • Operating System: Windows 7+ / macOS 10.11+ / Chrome 58+
  • Free RAM: 2GB
  • Processor: 2GHz Intel Pentium / Intel / ARM
  • Free disk space: 1GB
  • We are here to help. If you have any questions on the above, please contact us.

    How to apply?

    If you wish to discuss this qualification further and find out how it could help you advance your career please contact us on 0330 088 8495 or to speak with one of our advisors.

    Why choose us?

    We are specialised legal trainers, solely focussed on the provision of legal and business training for aspiring and qualified lawyers.

    We have a deep understanding of the current legal sector and the training needs of those who work within it.

    Our course delivery is uniquely engaging, having full regard of how precious time is for those not only studying law, but also practising at the same time.

    We are here to support our students and partners by providing them with the tools to stand out from the competition and accelerate their legal career.