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In this with you

Law Training Centre, in this with you

These are trying times. But we want to reassure all our learners that we are in this with you. We are working on some measures to help you out and that we are still running at full throttle – yes, really!

Study Now, Pay Later has now been extended for ALL CLC Learners until the end of July!

While Law Training Centre can continue to offer learners our services, we appreciate that many of our learners are struggling. We want to reassure you all that we are listening and adapting our methods to help you maintain your studies despite your circumstances, that’s why we have extended this offer until the end of July.
We are offering CLC learners, present and future, the chance to Study Now and Pay Later! This means that you will make the first payment on either a single unit or a diploma course. You will then have the option of deferring further payment for some months and then have the option of paying the rest of your course fees in full or setting up a direct debit if you choose to pay with instalments.

Exams from home for SQA/CLC learners from April

We promised learners in our Assessments and Exams Announcement post that we were working hard on a way for learners to continue their exams despite external venues and workplaces coming under lock-down. The great news is that it’s around the corner! We’ll be able to roll this service out for people who have a PC with a webcam, or laptop with a webcam/cam feature. We will release more details about the specifics in the future, but if you’re interested in taking part, keep an eye on our channels for more news. We will notify you all through the learner area, social media, newsletters and our website!

Launching a brand-new interactive resource powered by your mentors!

At Law Training Centre, learner progress and achievement is our priority. Our tutors have a wealth of specialist knowledge of how to deliver success and progression, even in these challenging times. It is because of the current challenges that we are expanding the already sector-leading service and support that we currently offer through our new Discussion Board.
The Discussion Board will release ideas and creativity more readily than email. There will be problem-solving ideas for learning and innovation in working-from-home and study. These materials will be available 24/7 so, get involved and get in the know!

The Discussion Board will allow everyone to positively contribute to everyone’s professional journey and success. Be part of the winning LTC Team!