Kent Student Law Society (KSLS) Careers Fair - Law Training Centre

KSLS Law Fair 2019

Law Training Centre attended the Kent Student Law Society (KSLS) (KSLS) Careers Fair and had a fantastic day talking to future lawyers. KSLS hosted what we think is their biggest Law Fair to date. There was a broad selection of exhibitors, from regional to multi-national, as well as post-qualification training providers.
The atmosphere in Eliot Hall was electric. Law Training Centre sent four of its team members who were kept engaged for the full event with students keen to find out about what they can do with their LLB after graduation.
KSLS Law Fair 2019 LTC
KSLS Law Fair 2019 LTC
We gained valuable insight into students’ growing career concerns and that learners are looking for flexible educational choices that allow them to get working and earning as soon as possible after graduating, without incurring more student loan debt. It explained the rise in interest for courses provided by Law Training Centre (LTC) which allow a learner both to study and work.
KSLS Law Fair 2019 LTC
Whilst students queued to speak with law firms about the possibility of training contracts, just as many were queuing to find out about the routes that gave them control over their career which do not require a training contract. The Solicitors Qualification Exam (SQE) was a hot topic. Many students did not know enough about this exciting new route to qualify and we will be doing some pieces explaining the routes. In the meantime, see this article.
KSLS Law Fair 2019 LTC
The use of webinars and webevents is being increasingly recognised by larger firms to reach wider audiences. Law Training Centre has been using webinars and web connectivity to engage with students since inception. Law students were pleased to find out that our flexible online study did not forfeit tutor support and contact. Having accessible tutor support made students feel secure in choosing our distance learning courses. As one student put it, “I have been so busy keeping up with work that it’s taken me four weeks to finally make time to see my seminar teacher during their office hours to resolve my questions.”
We emphasised the flexibility of other routes to qualifying as a lawyer which allowed room for work, study and lifestyles. Many students wanted examples of learners who had done just this and the stories from our learners, such as Sam Griggs or Stacey Pettman both mothers who have pursued careers in law, were so important to tell.
Students approaching the end of their degree were focusing on the areas of specialism that would increase their chances of gaining employment and were keen to find out what the ‘in demand’ areas of law were. We talked a lot about alternative routes into law, such as the Licensed Conveyancer route or the Legal Executive route and the core areas of specialism that employers are looking for such as Property, Family law, Litigation (commercial and civil), Probate and Employment law.
Students, especially in their final year, spent a lot of time learning about how they could qualify after their LLB with just three more exams to become a specialist lawyer in Property, Litigation, Probate, Family, Commercial and other popular areas like Employment law without the high cost of an LPC and the risk of not gaining a Training Contract.
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