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Great podcasts for law students

Essential listening for the self-respecting knowledgeable law student.
A recent blog, written by new lawyers for new lawyers. Recent topics have included Blogging, Applications and Wellbeing in Law; Leveraging LinkedIn; and Understanding, Utilising and Developing Your Commercial Awareness.
Another initiative devised by young solicitors and focusing upon cutting edge developments in legal practice, particularly technology. Analytics and Data in Law is a typical topic for this podcast.
This goes in depth on one topic per week and, while not always strictly speaking law-related, is a must if you’re interested in debate. Typical questions include: Can you be Green and Rich? Does self-care really make you happy?
Hosted by barrister Sally Penni, well-known lawyers regale us with tales of their careers and idiosyncratic insights into the legal system.
Described as a “Commercial awareness news round-up for prospective and current UK-based corporate lawyers”, recent business-themed topics have included Law Firm Goes Remote and Easyjet Cyber Attack.
One of the more widely followed law firm podcasts with contributions from its lawyers on contemporary topics ranging from Sub-Sarahan Mining to Learning from a Crisis.
Much praised podcast from British solicitor, legal commentator, and journalist Joshua Rufus Rozenberg QC who tackles topics of practical interest such as Help for Vulnerable Witnesses and Workplace Law.
The Hearing – so called because it aims to give a voice to anyone of interest to the legal profession, and not just the voices of other legal professionals – is a legal podcast from Thomson Reuters. That said, when it does feature lawyers, they’re at the tops of their games.
From the Oxford Human Rights Hub at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford with global perspectives on human rights. Expect podcasts on Gender rights, Justice, Capital Punishment and Corporate Manslaughter among many topics.
A blog with international contributors – many of them American – but with enough topics of interest to lawyers anywhere, from advice on practicing “social media hygiene” to gripping general interest stories such as an account from the Afro-American detective who infiltrated the Klu Klux Klan.
With a focus on the week’s legal decisions and news, these up-to-date podcasts are musts for both studying and practicing lawyers.
With a focus on the week’s legal decisions and news, these up-to-date podcasts are musts for both studying and practicing lawyers.
A mixture of EU legal updates, current affairs and political, social and economic analysis so as likely to include an interview with an EU commissioner or economist Thomas Piketty as with a European lawyer.
Granted, it’s not a legal blog but it’s a fascinating source for anyone who wants to keep abreast of contemporary thinking. Contains highlights of TED talks.
US-based but with interesting content for anyone interested in how law firms can develop as businesses. Includes contributions from law firm management guru Professor Richard Susskind. Recent topics include online courts and building a cutting-edge virtual law firm.

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