Covid-19 FAQ | Business as normal for Law Training Centre

We want to reassure all our current and prospective learners
that we are still running as normal!

Please use this FAQ to help you navigate through the article.

At Law Training Centre the welfare of our staff, learners and the quality of our services is of utmost importance. To this end, we have already implemented plans for staff to work from home. Several staff members have been working from home for many years with tried and trusted systems in place.

Therefore, in the event the entire team need to switch to working from home (and our lovely new offices need to stay empty for a little while), we will continue to deliver the high level of customer service our learners are used to.

Our phone lines are operational, and we are here to take your calls, but to avoid call waiting times we would advise that email is the best medium for contact in the first instance. Both our academic and administrative teams are here to support our learners through this global event. We will be posting announcements and sending updates as we have them to keep you informed of the exam arrangements and advice, support and guidance on how to keep on track with your studies during this time.

That’s great! So, has anything changed?
Yes, inevitably some things have had to be cancelled. For example, if you had been looking forward to our live event on the 17th March 2020, that was no longer able to take place. If you are sitting an external examination at a Kaplan centre, Kaplan has announced they are suspending all exams indefinitely.

You can read about how your exams are affected and what measures we are putting in place to mitigate those potentially negative effects here.

What about my course access?
Don’t panic! We understand that this is a stressful time for everyone. We share your fears and concerns for the future, and we have procedures in place to accommodate a course extension when needed. Please see the Learner Resources Area for you course to download the course extension forms:

CLC Learner Resource Area

CILEX Learner Resource Area

NALP Learner Resource Area

What happens if I fall ill myself?
For those who have or may fall ill with Covid-19, we wish for your speedy recovery. If this will adversely affect your studies, we have measures in place that allow you to request for an extension. Please email explaining your situation and we will help you out as best we can. You can also download this form from your learner resource area (see above).

I’m interested in buying a course – can I still do that?
Yes! We are still fully operational and able to process payments, enrol you and offer you the full learning experience you deserve. Please contact us for more information, we are always happy to talk to prospective learners and help them along their learning journey. We think this is a great time to invest in your education because we believe it will always pay off. While many people are put on forced leave, made to work from home and so on, there will be greater opportunity for personal development. Pursue your study goals with as much vigour as ever! Call us on 0330 088 8495 to talk to a qualifications and course adviser or email

Covid-19 Micro course
We’ve put together an interactive micro-course to help you remember how to stay safe and healthy through the Covid-19 crisis.
Click the image below.

Final words
Everyone at Law Training Centre, from our founders to our tutors, our administration and support teams, all have the first-hand experience of working and studying and juggling all that life brings. This is why we are always focused on the most accessible, flexible and practical way for our learners to qualify, regardless of their personal circumstances. This unprecedented global event presents many challenges and throughout it all, we will be here to support you through your studies. We would like to encourage all our learners both past, current and future, that you are uniquely positioned to change your future and meet your own goals and ambitions, Covid-19 or not.

At the heart of what we do lies the desire to see our learners fulfil their ambitions to qualify and progress their careers in law. Whatever setback this pandemic poses, we will be here adapting and supporting you. – Dino Dullabh – co-founder

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