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Summer Special Offer

35% Off SQE1 & SQE2 Full Prep Courses

The SQE1 Full Prep Course and SQE2 Full Prep Course are Law Training Centre’s most comprehensive preparation courses, giving you the flexibility and support to prepare you to qualify as a solicitor in a way that fits around you. Prepare for success with Law Training Centre.

Course features

  • Unlimited attendance to workshops run by experts in each subject area
  • Your own 1:1 Personal Academic Coach
  • Video lectures on key topics
  • Complete law library
  • Rich virtual learning platform with essential study aids and mock exams

Course fees

35% off the combined cost of our SQE1 Full Prep Course and SQE2 Full Prep Course is available to those who enrol between 1st July and 31st August 2022.  This offer discounts against the combined full price only and excludes other offers and discounts.

Please use the buttons below to view our course fees with the Summer Special Offer prices highlighted in red.


SQE1 Full Prep Course


Course Materials

Personal Academic Coach

Thomson Reuters Practical Law

Passplus Guarantee


A Complete Law Library by Oxford University Press

15 months SQE1 course access as standard

Mock exam papers

What will I learn?

SQE1 Prep by Law Training Centre covers all areas within the SQE1 assessment.

  • Contract Law
  • Tort Law
  • Land Law
  • Legal Systems
  • Trusts Law
  • Ethics
  • Property Practice
  • Criminal Law and Practice
  • Solicitors Accounts
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Business Law and Practice
  • Wills and Administration of Estates

How long does it take?

With a 15 month access period as standard, SQE1 Prep by Law Training Centre gives you the flexibility to decide on the sitting date that will be best for you, whilst also considering the registration window ahead of the exam.

Therefore, candidates can study at their own pace and decide when they wish to book and sit the SQE exam.


SQE2 Full Prep Course

Once you have successfully passed the SQE1 Exam, you will be ready to enrol on our SQE2 prep course, designed by some of the best Legal Practitioners and Law Professors in the UK.

The SQE2 Exam is split divided into two parts, with a total of 16 assessments.

  • SQE2 Oral – The SQE2 oral assessments take place over two half days with a total of 4 oral assessments to be completed.
  • SQE2 Written – The SQE2 written assessments will take place over three half days with a total of 12 written legal skills assessments.

Course features

The fully online SQE2 Prep course by Law Training Centre prepares you for success with learning materials expertly designed in accordance with the SRA’s SQE2 specification, ensuring our learners have the highest chance of success in their final SQE2 examinations.

Included with SQE2 Full Prep Course:

  • Professional course materials
  • Access Law Clinic
  • Workshops
  • Personal Academic Coach
  • Personalised study plan
  • Thomas Reuters Practical Law
  • Employment opportunities
  • Passplus Guarantee
  • 15 months SQE2 course access as standard
  • Flexible start dates
  • Mock exam papers
  • Flexible ways to fund your course


Course fees

Please use the buttons below to view our course fees with the Summer Special Offer prices highlighted in red.

Summer Special Offer

35% off the combined cost our SQE1 Full Prep Course and SQE2 Full Prep Course is available to those who enrol between 1st July and 31st August 2022.  This offer discounts against the full price only and excludes other offers and discounts.


Law Training Centre has a partnership with Lendwise to help you fund both your course fees as well as the cost of your exam/s. Lendwise is a professional qualification loan provider through which candidates can fund their postgraduate and professional qualification studies and exam fees.

A Lendwise loan comes with a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan and no early repayment penalties. The minimum loan amount is £2,000, and the interest rate offered will depend on the overall applicant profile and the application process is entirely online.

Please contact Lendwise directly to apply for your loan.

We are here to help. If you have any questions on the above, please contact us.

How do I enrol?

The Law Training Centre accepts applications throughout the year so that learners can start when it suits them most.

You can request an enrolment form by completing our form. Once completed, you will receive the form directly to the email address you provide.

Please fill in the enrolment form and return it to [email protected]

To ensure your enrolment is processed as quickly as possible, please make sure that you read the form carefully, and fill out all the required boxes. If you need any help or have questions, please contact us on 0330 088 8495 or [email protected]


What happens after I send my enrolment form?

Once received, your enrolment will be processed by our Student Services Team. If there are any queries at this stage, we will contact you.

  • Invoicing:
    We will issue your invoice according to your chosen option – either self–sponsored or firm-sponsored. If you are paying by instalments, a separate Direct Debit mandate email will be sent out for you to complete online, you will need to set up both the Direct Debit and complete the initial payment. Once the invoice has been paid (or the Direct Debit set up if applicable) please notify us by return email.
  • Payment options:
    You can pay by bank transfer to our account or by card using the payment link on your invoice. Cheques are accepted and your course login will be made live once the cheque has cleared into our bank account.
  • Course Login:
    Once we have processed your payment and the 14-day cooling-off period has passed or has been waived, please allow up to 2 working days from the invoice being paid to being emailed your course login.


Why choose us?


We are specialised legal trainers, solely focussed on the provision of legal and business training for aspiring and qualified lawyers.


We have a deep understanding of the current legal sector and the training needs of those who work within it.

Our course delivery is uniquely engaging, having full regard of how precious time is for those not only studying law, but also practising at the same time.

We are here to support our students and partners by providing them with the tools to stand out from the competition and accelerate their legal career.

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