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AXELOS is a joint venture company, created in 2013 by the Cabinet Office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita plc, to manage, develop and grow the Global Best Practice portfolio. AXELOS boasts an already enviable track record and an unmatched portfolio of globally-recognized best practice qualifications.

AXELOS is responsible for developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice frameworks and methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in IT service management, project, programme and portfolio management and cyber resilience.
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The Law Training Centre works in partnership with AXELOS to provide internationally-recognized qualifications such as RESILIA®, PRINCE2® and M_o_R®.
Cybersecurity is a huge issue. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is part of GCHQ, has reported that – between 2016-17 – over £11 million was stolen from clients’ monies held law firms. Sixty percent of law firms have reported breaches of information security.

RESILIA® Frontline is cybersecurity awareness training for all your employees. Delivered via interactive e-learning modules, RESILIA® Frontline equips staff with the skills and behaviours they need to make the right decisions at the right time in the face of increasing cyber risks.
Business cycles come and go as do law firms – but there’s a constant: the level of competition within the legal profession is fierce and getting fiercer. However, successful project management can give the professional legal practitioner the edge. It’s a business skill used in industries and professions across the globe: of all the available project management methods, PRINCE2® is the world’s most popular. If you don’t help manage a client’s project, you’re sitting on the sideline in terms of client care. Legal skills by themselves are not enough.

PRINCE2® is the gold standard in project management methodologies. We’re teaching Prince2® 2017 – the most up-to-date version at Foundation and Practitioner levels.
M_o_R® is a route map for risk management. It can help organizations identify, assess and control risks and put in place effective frameworks for making informed decisions. PRINCE2® is the gold standard in project management methodologies. We’re teaching Prince2® 2017 – the most up-to-date version at Foundation and Practitioner levels.

The ability to manage risk effectively is one of the most important skills a modern lawyer can have. Being legally qualified is no longer by itself enough. Modern law is all about being at the top of your game in your business. Ensure your organisation and your staff are fully trained to confidently manage the multitude of risks with which any modern legal practice contends.

Our courses in Management of Risk (MoR®) teaches strategic and practical approaches and how to implement effective MoR®.

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